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August 08, 2019
Hello Members & Non-Members

As some of you know Shane Florea has taken the task of putting together a coupon book and I am helping him anyway I can.  His goal is to have as many member businesses be in the coupon book.  His plan is to print about 200 up to 500 as needed and  to sell these coupon books for $20.00. The money made will be used to help promote the Chamber member businesses. If you are a non-member we ask that you join the Chamber.  It takes a T E A M  to make things happen because team means TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE MORE!

He is asking all who participate to write down their ideas on how they would like their business promoted.  As he feels you know what works for you.  The books will be sold at different locations. 

You can have up to 3 coupons and you can set your own restrictions such as only valid certain days, or have an expiration date etc.
The main goal of offering a coupon is to encourage consumers to go to your business to try your products or service. When customers come to your business, by invitation of a coupon, most likely that customer may end up buying items that carry full profit margin. Coupons are simply a good marketing tool.

Shane has gone to many businesses on his own and then I have helped him on some days with great success. We have several on board already and submitted their coupons with no hesitation and we even had several join Chamber.  So if we missed your business it was not our intention but he does have a business to run and I have my other duties as Chamber Rep. So get in touch with us as we can get your info via email, text, voice mail, or phone call.(contact info listed below) and to join chamber just go our

Ideas on a coupon(s): a fixed discount/percentage, buy one get one half off or free, a free drink with meal purchase, free ice cream cone, some may offer a coupon to be one of the few that can go in first to see whats on sale before doors open to public, coupon only invite to a late day sale with appetizers and wine, on holidays you can say bring in your coupon to be entered in our giveaway to for a discount, just to name a few. 

So hope to hear from you as we are trying to wrap this up  by the 16th but if needed we may extend a few extra days. AND WE HAVE EXTENDED THE DEADLINE TO AUG 23rd.  As you complete the 1-3 coupons please submit so we can start getting a count. 

Remember if you are a member its free to put your coupon(s) in our book.  Also a coupon is a great incentive for customers to visit your business and are likely to buy again-even at full price.

Thank you for your time on this and look forward to hearing from you.  If I miss your call please leave a message or I will get back to you.

Shane Florea
Board Member

Diane Rogers

Diane Rogers or Shane Florea
208-290-1143 or 208-818-3755